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Director’s Message

Mr. Shailesh Kumar Singh


The success of any nation depends on the youth and the quality of education they gained. Today’s world is totally dominated by innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. So it is important to orient young minds in understanding innovative learning practices to capture the new elements of dice. We understand knowledge and its application is the only way, by which this can be achieved. Nepal Western Management and Engineering College(NWMEC) takes an Innovative approach, providing access to international standard education.

The core value of NWMEC, a premier college offering world class hotel management, insurance & business academic qualifications is to develop socially responsible, enthusiastic and self-motivated graduates. We are successful in recording our college’s name providing high-caliber human capital to the hotel industry & Business industry since a decade and more. Partnering with leading institutions inside the country as well as across the world, we offer acclaimed undergraduate programs involved with current industry practices to help students connect with the competitive employment market.

I am delighted to congratulate our graduates. I also wish to extend a warm welcome to all who choose to study at Nepal Western Management and Engineering College. Lastly, with the full assurance of our sincerity and determination, I thank all our well-wishers, guardians, parents, students and staff for their continued support and concern.