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MBA Degree

Course Description

EurAka University Affiliate Program. This graduate management degree course provides a broad knowledge of the basic fundamental aspects of modern-day business management MBA students are introduced to a wide range of core management subjects which help them to develop practical managerial and communication skills and business decision making abilities.

The fact is not just that you are studying for a prestigious Swiss MBA Degree. With it comes the significant extension of your own knowledge and your capabilities. You will find answers to questions and explanations on how to deliver suitable progress for organizations and manage these for improving their competitiveness and validity.  At the same time, as part of our interactive lectures, seminars and further contemporary modes of delivery. Our students lear from each other’s experience and professional expertise. This double side input has impact. It truly helps, extends expertise, and actively furthers best practice ‘out there’. We at the EurAka University challenge students to test their limits and show, how to go beyond these.

The programme of studies is aligned with international standards of Postgraduate Higher Education and fulfils the criteria of the process of Harmonisation of Higher Education in Europe accordingly. The course awards successful students Or 120 ECTS credits:

  • 42 ECTS credits by completion of 7 compulsory taught modules (4 modules as “Foundation Course” and 3 modules as “Core Course”) with 6 ECTS credits per module,
  • 48 ECTS credits by completion of 8 Elective and Specialized (“Core Course”) taught modules (6 ECTS credits per module) and
  • 12 ECTS credits through the Master’s thesis and
  • 18 ECTS credit assessed internship (for 4-6 months) and Practice Course as fourth semester.

Taught modules are delivered interactively and are based on actual knowledge and research in this pathway.

Duration of the Program:- 2 years (4 Semesters)

Course learning Outcomes

The particular intended learning outcomes are: 

  • Develop critical thinking and analytical approaches to theories and practices of contemporary organisational contexts by in-depth analysis of the internal and external
  • Enhance the ability to read, understand and make sense of the specific organisational needs for sustainable organisational progress in a variety of businesses and
  • Extend the capacity to evaluate and critically select between strategies, tactics and operational models in contemporary and future-oriented market
  • Provide organisations with necessary insights and robust structures for becoming a socially responsible corporate
  • Apply high standards of moral and ethical behaviour to the own work and to that of an organisation.

The aims for each of the individual modules that make up the MBA are set out in the individual module specifications.


Course Objective

  • to introduce students to relevant and latest knowledge with a specific view on the contemporary organisation and its management.
  • to provide in-depth subject knowledge and also contributes to a cross-functional understanding.

Entry Requirement:

  • Candidates with a First Degree

The MBA is a focused programme of Postgraduate academic studies. It is aimed at candidates, who have already obtained an Undergraduate Degree.

The EurAka University widely accepts Higher Education Degrees not regarding the country of origin or foreign Higher Education system. Essential prerequisite is that the Undergraduate Degree is officially recognised in its country of origin.

  • Work-based Entry Route for Candidates without a First Degree

Equally welcomed are applicants, who have instead of a first (Undergraduate) degree significant professional expertise and practice in an organisation. These candidates are admitted by the so- called work-based route.

The expectation for such professional practice is a minimum of five (5) years on managerial and/or supervisory level for which evidence has to be submitted when applying. It has to be understood that such applications are checked individually regarding the evidence presented.


Scope and Career Prospects

Sectors offering lucrative career opportunities to MBA graduates include Banking & Finance; Marketing; IT Industry; Retail; Manufacturing Industries; Plant Management, Office Automation; Fashion Industry; Garment Industries, Media Industries, Tourism and Hospitality Industries; Export and Import houses among others also.

Kennt College has been sharing the knowledge to its students according to the changing demand of the world since its establishment.

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